Thomas B. Maracle

Award-winning stone sculptor and musician — as well as a successful entrepreneur
A Native North American Mohawk, Thomas is a citizen of the Six Nations and lives on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Born in Belleville, Ontario in 1949, Thomas B. Maracle is an award-winning stone sculptor and musician—as well as being a successful entrepreneur.

Thomas has been involved with Native art since his childhood and was deeply influenced by the combined skills of his artisan parents, who created arts and crafts for their Native gift store.

With his profuse talent and clear vision Thomas is able to “set free” the legendary people, animals, and spirits of his Native culture from the alabaster, steatite, marble, and soapstone that he works with. His love of sculpting continues to grow with each new challenge, and has earned him international acclaim.

Native Renaissance, located near where he lives and creates, is the outcome of all of Thomas’s vision, passion, and focus on his Native art and culture. Its Art Gallery, which features Thomas’s outstanding and prolific creations, also includes original sculptures, paintings, and limited editions of other acclaimed Native artists.

The creations of Thomas are prized components of collections throughout Canada and many other parts of the world, including England, France, Germany, and the United States, just to name a few.

Thomas b. Maracle
New Gallery Arrivals

Come see Thomas Maracle's latest art pieces at the art gallery.

Stone Sculpture
"Hold on Tight"


"In My Thoughts"


Stone Sculpture


Stone Sculpture
"Elders Passage"


Stone Sculpture named Drawing Close
"Drawing Close"


Stone Sculpture


"Vision From Above"




"Voyage to the Heavens"

He has learned that deep inside himself lies the essence of his Ancestors; the ones who have gone before him. He has learned that if he sits quietly, and listens closely, he can hear them encouraging him and drawing him closer to themselves and their wisdom. They whisper to him that he is not alone on his voyage through life and onward to the realm of the Creator. They assure him that they are ever with him.

Voyage to the Heavens front of sculpture
  • Into the Wind
    Name: "Into the Wind"

    Price: $225.00 (In Private Collection)

  • Peacemaker within the Nation
    Name: "Peacemaker within the Nation"

    Price: $450.00 - Dimensions: 7x5.5x4

  • Sky Dancer
    Name: "Sky Dancer"

    Price: $400.00 - Dimensions: 11x8x3

  • With Honour
    Name: "With Honour"

    Price: $3500.00 - Private Collection

  • Ageless Wonder
    Name: "Ageless Wonder"

    Price: $700.00 - Dimensions: 8x4x4

  • Giver of Life
    Name: "Giver of Life"

    Price: $600.00 - Dimensions: 15x6x7

  • Ancient Medicine
    Name: "Ancient Medicine"

    Price: $850.00 - Dimensions: 4x6x3

  • Legends in the Stone
    Name: "Legends in the Stone"

    Price: $4400.00 - Dimensions: 11x8x8

  • Spirit Doll 22
    Name: "Spirit Doll 22"

    Price: $300.000 - Dimensions: 8x8x5

  • Wisdom of the Elders
    Name: "Wisdom of the Elders"

    Price: $5000.00

Stories and Mythes Around Tom's Carvings
Corn Husk - Spirit Doll
Corn Husk - Spirit Doll
Stirring the Pot

Like a flash he appears in the life of one who honours and respects him and who requires his otherworldly help. Today, he finds himself in the kitchen of a humble woman making soup out of only a few very simple ingredients. He knows she is worried that there will not be enough to feed her hungry family and that her dish will possess little flavour.

When her back is turned he perches on the edge of the soup pot and gives it two big stirs — one for abundance and one to make it irresistibly tasty. As a final gift to this woman who has been aware of him since she was a girl, he adds a few herbs gathered under the light of the full moon which will guarantee good dreams to all who sit at her table this night.

13" x 11" x 7"
Basswood Carvings
"The Council" Collection

"The Council" collection consists of seventeen original wood carvings created by the internationally acclaimed Mohawk sculptor, Thomas B. Maracle.

As a group, these seventeen remarkable carvings represent the power of intelligence, resourcefulness, and wisdom that is multiplied when people work together cooperatively for a common goal. As individual carvings, each of these seventeen evocative creations speaks its own truth and tells its own story. The faces that Thomas has revealed through the naturally-textured medium of wood are “looking inside” and listening to the voice of the Creator.

Then - through reflecting deeply on what they hear--each of these individual council members knows exactly what they have to offer as their part of the group’s answer to any challenge that may arise.

Range in sizes
Each piece is individually priced
wood carving
"It's Over There"


wood carving
"Wisdom of the Forest"


wood carving


wood carving
"Spirit of The Totem"


wood carving
"Blessing from Above"


wood carving
"Silent Whisper"


wood carving
"Family of Totems"


wood carving
"Emerging from the Shadows"


Cloud Blower
Antler, Wire, Stone
"Cloud Blower"

High, high above the green and blue earth lives the Cloud Mover. A small fellow, prone to worry, he takes his responsibility to not let the clouds stay in one place for too long with the utmost seriousness.

At the same time he loves how close he is to the Creator, who alone gives him the inner knowing of when particular clouds need to move along to make way for the sun’s rays to reach the ground.

When this crucial time arrives, the Cloud Mover calls softly to the wind and directs the blowing air to the part of the sky requiring a change. Working in unity with the Creator, the wind, the clouds, and the sun gives him a great deal of satisfaction and occasionally turns his concerned expression into a relaxed smile.

2.54" x 4.61"
Tom credits his parents for his
Creativity and Talent

"My father, Andrew Maracle Sr., was an international lecturer and historian dealing with the folklore, culture, and customs of native North Americans.

My mother, Lillian Maracle, was a gifted artist with pencil and brush. With this combination of talents flowing in my veins, I have an inherent foundation on which to develop my own abilities as a sculptor.

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